Yeovil Music Centre

About Us.​

PURPOSE. The purpose of Yeovil Music Centre is to provide inspiring ensemble opportunities for musicians of all ages and abilities. 

GROUP LEADERS. Our groups are led by some lovely people who are able musicians and enthusiastic tutors. They are Phill, Ian, and Georgina. For basic details about their groups, see the Groups page.

COMMITTEE. Yeovil Music Centre is a not-for-profit organisation run by a committee of volunteers. It currently comprises Norman, Ian, Janice and Sherry. 

They take on the responsibility for keeping Yeovil Music Centre viable, safe and enjoyable. They collect subscriptions; appoint group leaders; pay wages, rent and insurance; attend to Health & Safety matters; buy and maintain equipment; arrange concerts,etc.

They appreciate the help they receive (Moira, Ed, Steve M, Steve W, Jenny, Beth, Jack, Jim) and are always open to offers of help and to new ideas.

TUCK SHOP. Schools have PTAs (Parent Teacher Associations), and hospitals have “Friends of ...” groups, Yeovil Music Centre has Tuck Shop. Established in 1996 it is the most visible enterprise of a small group of volunteers  committed to supporting the music centre.

The 'Tuck Shop team' of Edward and Sherry provide refreshments on Tuesday evenings. Profits from are given back to the members in the form of trophies, prizes, treats and outings (funds permitting).

OTHERS. Our web-site was developed by Graham (ex-Saturday Pack etc. etc.). If you experience any problems while navigating the web-site please let us know via the Contact Us page. 

And, while strictly speaking not “one of us”, we receive an enormous amount of support from Simon Squire of Yeovil College.

  Many thanks to them all.

 smiley​ About You. smiley

............Back or continuing as members, and now playing in the Orchestra, are Jenny, Daisy, Chris W., Chris H., Becca, and Kathryn.

And here's what some ex-Yeovil Youth Concert Band members are doing:

....Alex and Adam are Royal Marine Bandsmen.

....Quite a few of you are music teachers: Jo, Tom, Liz, Philippa, Rhiannon.

....Some still training as music teachers: Gemma, Helen.

....Jason repairs musical instruments,and is spending a year in Canada,

....Sarah works at Westlands.

....Ashley teaches physics,

....Bob is also a science teacher AND NOW A DAD.

....Some have got married.

....Some(Nick, Claire, Rachel, Dave) have children.

....James and Jordan are doctors.

Congratulations all!