Yeovil Music Centre

Welcome to Yeovil Music Centre.


Welcome to Yeovil Music Centre, where we provide opportunities for local musicians to get together and enjoy putting their skills into practice. 

After all you don't learn to play an instrument just to sit at home playing it alone. We don't give individual instrument lessons but playing and, hopefully, performing is much more fun with us. Why not join one (or more) of our ensembles and play and/or sing a wide variety of music in a safe, friendly environment?

We pride ourselves on being family-friendly, inclusive and welcoming, and endeavour to cater for all, whether high achievers, average musicians or those with special needs, from relative beginners to those thinking of teaching or playing professionally.

If you are aged 10 to 80+ years and are either learning to play an instrument or enjoy singing then Yeovil Music Centre will welcome you. Come and have a look, there's no obligation.

We meet at 7.30 pm on Tuesdays, term time, in the Main Hall, Kingston Building, Yeovil College, (click on Groups on the header for details) or telephone 07811 760255 or Yeovil 472132 For ample parking please use the Mudford Road entrance.

smiley Hope to see you soon. smiley